At the beginning of each school year individualized learning plans are developed for each student at Renad Academy. These plans cover a variety of areas and are specific to each child. 

The following areas are used to develop individualized goals based upon student needs:
Math, reading, writing
Fine/gross motor
Receptive/expressive communication
Social skills

There are six units lasting approximately six weeks for pre-4 to fourth grade, and four units per year each lasting 8 weeks for pre-3. These units help provide Renad students with a holistic experience of topics that are similar to other Qatar Foundation, while still focusing on individual goals.

Units of Learning Pre-3:
1. All About Me, My School, My Family, and My Class
2. The Earth, Animals, and My Surroundings
3. Creativity and Expressing Myself
4. People in My Community and Transportation

Units of Learning Elementary:
1. All About Me, My School, My Family, and My Class
2. Our Communities
3. Our Identity and Culture
4. Creativity and Expressing Ourselves
5. The Earth and Our Environment
6. How the World Around Us Functions


All classrooms have a total of 6 fields trips per academic year related to their units of learning. Additionally, each student participates weekly in equine therapy sessions with our Qatar Foundation partner - Al Shaqab Equine Education Department. Moreover, our students have the opportunity to engage in community based learning focusing on life skills development and social interaction within Education City and across the wider community.