1. Parent Completes Online Admission
Parents apply for admission using the online application developed by Qatar Foundation. Parents are to include in the application of their and child’s passport, immunization card, all previous medical and assessment documentation. These applications will be reviewed by an admissions team, which includes an Admissions Officer, Speech-Language Pathologist, Occupational Therapist, and School Psychologist.

2. Screening Interview and Child Observation
If the child meets minimum criteria on the application, the parents will be contacted to attend a screening session. Please note that this is not an assessment. During that time, parents will meet with a staff member so they may provide further information regarding their child’s skills while the child is provided an opportunity to play and interact with the specialists. Observational data of the child will be gathered by staff during this time.

3. Decision
Once observations and interviews are completed, the admissions team will meet and determine if there is enough evidence that the child will benefit from the program provided at Renad Academy. Children falling in the mild-moderate range of Autism and who have displayed the prerequisite skills to learn utilizing evidence-based approach (e.g. Applied Behavior Analysis) and visual systems (e.g., TEACCH) will be selected for admission. Parents will then be contacted to share the results from the screening and the status of their child for entry (admitted, on waiting list, or not admitted). A diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Disorder by a physician is required. 

4. Home Visit
If the child is accepted as a student at Renad Academy, a parent trainer will contact them to set up a home visit. At this home visit, more detailed information is gathered from the parent, the teacher begins to establish a relationship with the student and parent’s questions are answered. A school tour is arranged for the parent and child to visit Renad prior to the child beginning to attend.


Admission is now open for the 2020-2021 Academic School Year!

Available Grades for 2020-2021:
• PS3
• PS4 
• KG 
• Grade 1
• Grade 2 
• Grade 3
• Grade 4

Please read the Admission Procedures and the Grade and Age Chart before applying.

All the ages to be calculated by September 1.

Applications will not be considered for admissions in the following cases:
1. Required grade is not listed in the below table
2. Child’s age does not meet the Grade and Age Chart criteria
3. No correct medical diagnosis provided 

The application fee is Non-Refundable.

Required documentation to be uploaded with the application:
1. Applicant's recent passport-sized photograph
2. Applicant's passport copy
3. Applicant's birth certificate
4. Copy of father's or guardian's passport
5. Copy of mother's passport/ID
6. Copy of immunization card
7. Copy of most recent medical report with correct diagnosis
8. Download the fee structure document 
9. Complete the medical form embedded in the application

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