Our School

Our School

Qatar Foundation’s mission is to help Qatar transform into a competitive and diversified economy with knowledge-intensive sectors. Doing so can only be accomplished by promoting a comprehensive suite of learning opportunities for students within QF’s Pre-University Education (PUE).

Qatar, similar to most fast growing countries, requires a steady stream of highly qualified professional thinkers and innovators. In QF’s effort to fulfil its mission and to provide a sustainable source of experienced and capable technologists, engineers, and medical professionals, the concept of QAST was developed.  

The original business plan was developed Pre-University Education (PUE) within QF in the fall of 2015 and once the founding director was hired in the spring of 2016 the business and educational plan was detailed.  

As founding director, Dr Gregory Moncada began working on the detailed educational expectations based on current STEM research.  

At QAST, student engagement and rigorous content guide our learning objectives. Problem-based and mastery-based challenges and skills are developed through dedicated time each week using our own cyclical process of Challenge, Research, Investigate, Synthesize and Prototype (CRISP). The CRISP projects are real-world scenarios based on Qatar’s Grand Challenges. These experiences engage our students in critical challenges whereby the students learn from local experts and researchers. Doing so allows our students to identify the current thinking about the issue and to help focus, enrich, and make the issues real and immediate.

Moreover, we focus on ELA, Social Studies, Mathematics, Physics, Engineering, Computer Programming, Arabic/French, and Arabic History. All of our courses draw their standards from AERO and Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS). Common Core English and Language Arts (CC ELA), Qatar’s Ministry of Education, and Mathematics are also utilized extensively.

How we learn at QAST

Knowledge and skills are necessary for meaningful learning. At QAST, we have very high knowledge acquisition expectations. Our students arrive with advanced abilities in mathematics and English speaking, reading, and writing. We then provide a fast-paced and rigorous curriculum in mathematics, physics, engineering, English Language Arts (ELA), social studies, Arabic history and Arabic. For those not learning Arabic, we offer French.  

Skills are also taught. Whether it is how to use a dremel tool for smoothing plastic, designing a product using Solidworks, or using our 3D printers and laser cutters efficiently, all of these skills build to create a student who can use any medium and any tool to solve challenging problems.

Skills are also cognitive and we teach our students to think critically, analyze data, and communicate effectively.  

We also teach our student how to collaborate effectively to reach a goal, research topics, or to approach learning with maturity and enthusiasm.  

Combined, the knowledge and skills help our students learn effectively and achieve their academic goals as well as their ability to solve real world problems.

All of our knowledge and skills are taught using the process of mastery. This means that students do not receive letter grades and rather move along a continuum of improving ability. Yes, our students are required to actually learn the content and the skills. To do this well, our teachers view assessments as opportunities to grow and improve. Students can try again and again until they master the content or skill to an acceptable level.  

Learning is a process and applying your knowledge and skills to real problems creates passionate and engaged students. A QAST graduate will have the knowledge and skills necessary to succeed at the best universities, transform ideas into real things, and over time, change the world!

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Our staff has been selected to bring together a set of complementary skills and knowledge that allows our school to offer the very best STEM-focused education.

As well as being accomplished teachers, our staff has experience of working in industry, research, and academia, allowing us to add considerable depth to our students’ education.

For more information please contact us on qast@qf.org.qa

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Qatar Academy for Science and Technology, a member of Qatar Foundation is a STEM High School from Grade 8 till Grade 12

QAST invites you for a Online Open house to learn more about our progressive STEM curriculum

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