Weekly Engineering Challenge

QAST Weekly Engineering Challenge

QAST Weekly Engineering Challenge

645 days ago
Engineering Challenge QAST

QAST's Weekly Engineering Challenge




Join the students of QAST in their weekly engineering challenges. All these activities use items you should be able to find around the house.



Challenges: See our students' solutions on YouTube


1. Weighing: Instructions


2. The Marble Run: Instructions


3. Balloon Car Challenge: Instructions


4. Build a Bridge: Instructions 

5. Catapult: Instructions

6. WaterClock: Instructions


7. Egg Truck: Instructions 


Have fun and let us know how you get on!



Share your completed challenges with us by posting them online and tagging us on social media


Instagram: @QAST_QF  and Facebook: @QASTQF



Some example projects submitted by our students for the weighing challenge:


Engineering Challenge QAST